Valuation before sale

Would you like to know the realistic sales price of your ship?

Then you can always make an appointment without obligation with one of our estate agents in your area. Based on photos and information a broker can give you a good estimate of the value. If you prefer to make an appointment with your ship, this is of course also possible without obligation and without costs! Request more information here.

What is a ship valuation?

Schepenkring has several certified Yacht Brokers and Appraisers, specialized in ship appraisals of pleasure craft (yachts). We carry out ship appraisals on behalf of yacht owners, banks and the tax authorities, among others. A valuation is not an inspection; it is a valuation of the ship based on the market position at the moment. We can also determine the execution value of your boat for you during the valuation; this is a valuation of the expected yield of the ship in the event of forced sale in the short term.

The following points are considered during the ship valuation:

  • Yard
  • Ship type
  • Age
  • Present (required) documents
  • Ship equipment
  • Similar ships on the market
  • Technical state of maintenance
  • Overall condition

What are the costs of an appraisal?

We always give you a quotation for a ship valuation in advance. To be able to give this, it is best to send us an email or call the nearest branch. If you send us an email, we would like to hear your details as well as the details of the ship (type and type) and where the ship is located. You will receive a quote from us, of course without obligation. If you decide to work with us, the appraisal agreement will be made in mutual consultation.

Schedule appraisal

If you would like to have an appraisal carried out by a Schepenkring surveyor, you can contact the nearest office or contact our secretariat in Lelystad. After this we will make an appointment as soon as possible. Would you like an extensive inspection for your ship at a purchase or sale? Then look here for a list of experts.