Yacht transport via Schepenkring

If you have found your dream ship but it is not located near your home port, our brokers are there to help you find the right yacht transport.

Yacht transport by road

After purchase there are several possibilities to bring your boat to your home port. One of these options is transport by road. If the boat is suitable in terms of weight and dimensions, a Schepenkring broker can arrange for the boat to be placed on a trailer. There are various companies that rent or sell boat trailers. Your yacht broker can find the right trailer for you or give you the addresses of the companies, near the sales harbour, that specialise in boat trailers. If the boat is too heavy or too wide, your yacht broker can request a free quote for you from a specialised boat transporter. When you have found the right transport, the broker can reserve a crane (often in his own harbour) for you to put the boat on the truck or trailer.

Jachttransport over de weg

Transport by water

Our sales ports are always on or near a large waterway, such as the Meuse, Ijssel, Randmeren, Veerse Meer and the Princess Margriet Canal. This makes it easy for you to take the boat across the water to your own home port. If you do not need any time or help with sailing, there are always skippers in the vicinity of the sales harbour. A skipper will take care of a safe passage of your new boat. You can have the ship sailed over completely by a skipper or you can sail along yourself so that you get to know the ship down to the last detail.

Wherever you find your dream yacht, our brokers will help you to get your dream yacht to your home port.